Univers is a sans-serif typeface that is similar to brusher font designed via swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger in 1954. The font household is classified as neo-grotesque typeface, one based on the model of the 1898 typeface akzidenz-Grotesk, it is a widespread sans serif typeface around the globe and lots of designers are utilizing it to make there work more attractive.

It used to be excellent on its launch for its availability in a comprehensive but regular variety of weights and styles. It contains condensed and adobe font.

Style Of Univers Font

Adrian Frutiger moved forward to be an outstanding typeface fashion designer in the 20th century, and univers proved tremendously influential. It looks like keshya font used to be one of the most first designed typefaces which is a lot consistent with its identical design, concept, and structure.

Together with all the prime-notch facets in it, univers is superb for brand design, e-book covers, price sites, textual reasons and many more. There are many fonts similar to this font but it has amazing typeface.

You perhaps a dressmaker looking ahead to this font but before downloading it. Let me congratulate you that this whole font loved one is free for business and personal use.

Univers font has a fine form and kering that is quite perfect whilst utilizing on any design motive involving web embedding, computer, software, application, promoting and print design.