You can find many fonts out there that can make your work easy and give a more unique look to your designs but you might not be able to find a font like Avenir font that will make your designs beautiful along with a creative look.

As you know that there are thousands of fonts available online and most of them are available on our site to download for free. Along with those fonts that are very helpful for your designs Avenir font family has its own name in those fonts.

Release of Avenir Font Family

Avenir was initially released in 1988 with three weights, every with a roman and oblique model, and used Frutiger’s digit weight and width convention for names. Avenir has some slightly humanist features that upload warm temperature to the face, along with the tail on the t and the o that isn’t a perfect circle.

Two extra font weights (mild and skinny) have been added to the font for the release of Avenir next w1g, for a total of 32 fonts. There are numerous reasons for an expert fashion designer to apply it as we know about gotham font to start with, you can use it to give a stylish look to your designs, brochure, posters and mockups.

Secondly, this font consists of the complete fonts own family. This release additionally added greek and Cyrillic glyphs in the regular width best.

Avenir Font Free

There are very few people who know that this was one of the first font that comes in six weights, each with a roman and italic version, in two widths regular and condensed.

Avenir font was the first font who’s numbering device changed into abandoned in favor of more conventional weight names. Avenir comes in six weights mild, book, roman, medium, heavy and black every with corresponding oblique patterns.

This was the only design that can make your graphics more beautiful and attractive as it has many different stlys and also comes in different formats like bold, italic and thin to make your designs more stylish and creative.