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The Clarendon font is one of the typefaces to check out for. It is a slab-serif typeface having a beautiful look. You can have an experience of it with the free download from our website.

This beautiful font is designed and produced by a famous font maker, Robert Besley. In 1826, Benjamin Fox helped him to develop the font. But in fact, in 1845, Thorowgood and Co. (Thorowgood and Besley), the London company published it through the Fann Street Foundry.

The font has the same strong and bold structure as modern serif types, which had a common body text but were bolder and had a less contrasting weight of the stroke. Its designs normally have a bracketing serif layout which gets larger as the letter reaches its main stroke. And it looks pretty awesome when used in pair with the Arial font.

This font features a variety of types and weights that make the font flexible. It has roughly 14 different forms and 462 glyphs. It may be found in a variety of weights, such as condensed, medium, normal, high, etc. The font is known for its lightweight feature. This typeface can be used as a font generator to generate many posters and logos. This font was one of the most common fonts for many prominent artists and designers.

View of Clarendon Font Family

You can have a view of this fantastic font here. Its pairing with the Calibri font is a very nice combo that everyone seeks to.

Clarendon Font View


It has been used in many ways since the font was created. Thanks to their strong qualities and tremendous language capability, this typeface is the perfect choice for creating magazines, emblems, brochures, and designing purposes.

It is pretty easy to work with, so it is very handy in many places. This font can be used in numerous ways such as graphics, sampling, design and documentation. The font has been used for different uses due to its thick and bold characters. This font is also used in film posters, seminars, video game banners, academic tasks, etc.

This font is also available for use in headlines display and branding. This font looks amazing when it comes to showing both texts and headlines due to its various colours and shades and their visibility. This font can also be used for corporate purposes to generate documents, titles, e-mails, business cards, etc. Their figures and clever graphical appearances fulfil the specifications of consumers.

The National Park Service used this font for traffic lights in the United States. The logo of firms, including Three Twins, Pitchfork Media, Sony, Wells Fargo, etc. has been made by this gorgeous font. Moreover, for the nameplates of cast brass locomotives, this font was used by the Great Western Railway.

Font Information

NameClarendon font
DesignerRobert Besley
Font FormatTTF, OTF
LicenseUse for personal projects only.
FoundryFann Street Foundry
Similar FontAntique Light and

License Information

You require no certificate or individually registered registration. You must, however, obtain your license from a registered website if you choose to use it for commercial purposes

Clarendon Font Free Download

You can download this lovely font from our website without purchasing the license. However, for commercial uses, you must buy a license.

Similar to Clarendon Font

  • Suomi Slab Serif
  • Libertine
  • Albion
  • URW Clarendon
  • Antique Light
  • Sutro
  • Museo Slab
  • Bodoni Egyptian

Clarendon Font Family List

  1. Clarendon BT Condensed
  2. Clarendon BT Bold
  3. Clarendon BT Heavy
  4. Clarendon BT Bold Condensed
  5. Clarendon BT Light
  6. Clarendon Lt BT Light
  7. Clarendon BT Black
  8. Clarendon BT Roman

Supported Languages

It supports 50 languages. Below I have listed a few support languages:

Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Danish, Portuguese, Irish, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, Basque, Luxembourgian, and Icelandic etc.

Font FAQs

What sort of typeface is Clarendon?

Clarendon is of the slab-serif typeface having a beautiful look. This font features a variety of types and weights that make the font flexible. It has roughly 14 different forms and 462 glyphs.

Is the Clarendon font web-safe to download?

There is no harm in downloading this font from our site. It is a completely web-safe font.

What fonts are similar to Clarendon?

There are some matching fonts to it like Suomi Slab Serif, Libertine, Albion, Antique Light, etc.

Is Clarendon font free for commercial use?

You must buy a license from a certified source if you plan to use it for commercial purposes.

Is Clarendon a good font?

It is a slab-serif typeface and this beautiful font is designed and produced by a famous font maker, Robert Besley.


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